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Prompta AI

Change Management for the Digital World

It’s time to say farewell to the old approach of change management: decades-old templates, and tick-the-box methods alike.

Prompta AI is a change management enabler, for improving business transformation success rates. It allows change managers to uncover deep insights, drive employee engagement and readiness for change.

Prompta AI provides for timely, data driven and measurement-based change management. Knowledge gained from these insights can be used by project teams, change managers, leaders and steering committees, to inform action plans, and enable business adoption.

Introduction to Prompta AI

Change Management

Powered by Prompta AI

Prompta AI was built on a simple idea, executed beautifully: let’s enable more informed change management support!

Through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, two critical components of AI, our innovative platform leverages advanced algorithms to uncover change management cultural and inclusion deficits as well as blind spots that affect change readiness, employee engagement and adoption.

Prompta AI leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning, to uncover what employees really think, feel, want, and need.

Through rigorous statistical analysis, and text retrieval techniques, Prompta AI identifies the topics and sentiments that are relevant and timely.

Prompta AI provides the ‘what’s required’ and leveraged with Prompta’s Readiness for Success™  change management framework, we co-create the ‘what now’ action plan.

Are you throwing valuable resources to problems that don’t exist?

Do you truly know what your employees are going though, during times of change and disruption? Or do you only think or believe you do?

There’s a long-ignored gap within companies (big and small): lack of a realistic understanding of employee sentiment. Without that, or with poor research, you could be throwing time, money, and precious resources on issues that don’t exist!

McKinsey & Company’s research tells us that roughly 70% of corporate transformations fail, and that the two consistent primary causes are employee resistance, and lack of managerial support (effective sponsorship). It’s hard to effectively address resistance to change, when you don’t know its source. It’s even harder to be an effective sponsor without understanding employee sentiment.

How Prompta AI Supports Transformational Change

Transformational Change Diagram

What’s The Final Call on Prompta AI?

Should You Sign Up?

You're busy – everyone is. Old styles of change management are outdated: not just because they’re old, but because they won’t move beyond those tick-the-box, template-based approaches they’re so famous for.

Prompta AI is the enabler that can reduce the cost of Change Management programs, and more importantly, help ensure that you’re identifying and addressing the issues your staff is concerned with. No outdated research or guesswork.

Prompta invites you to learn more. We'll walk you through everything, answer every question, and you'll see for yourself.

Natural Language Processing

Topic Modeling and Text Mapping

Jose Nicolas Noriega Portilla, MBA, M.Acc, Director of Data Science - Prompta AI made this presentation on “Natural Language Processing – Topic Modeling and Text Mapping” at the CAMDEA Digital Forum organized by North Technology People.

Watch the full discussion here:

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